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The SportCount Range

SportCount 200 LapCounter and Timer (C200)

The Chrono 200 is our top of the line model. It is also our newest model, with numerous improvements over the older Chrono 100 model. It is now 20% thinner and lighter with a more legible display and a better button. It is the best choice for coaches, serious athletes, and racers who need to record multiple lap times. Great for marathon runners, triathletes, and for those who want to monitor races or workouts lap by lap. It also has a PAUSE feature, so you can interrupt your workout without throwing off your timing statistics.

  • Recall up to 200 individual lap times
  • Recall fastest, slowest, average, and total lap times
  • Display split times and lap numbers
  • Total number of laps completed & total lap time
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
Price: €44.99
SportCount Pace Trainer (PT)
The SportCount Pace Trainer is the best and most convenient device for sports men and women who want to train using modern techniques such as High Intensity Training (HIT) or USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training). It is designed to optimize workouts for competitive athletes - reinforcing muscle memory and improving performance.

Colour: Sky Blue

  • Use your Pace Trainer to break your workout into shorter segments with short rest periods between each segment of high intensity training.
  • During your workout the Pace Trainer provides instant feedback on lap split times & periods of rest.
  • After your workout, the performance summary displays the total number of laps completed, the recorded times of each individual lap and the periods of rest.
  • Adjustable band fits comfortably and securely on any finger size not interfering with the natural flow of exercise.
  • Waterproof, lightweight, and durable - comes with a full one-year warranty.
Price: €37.99
SportCount Lap Counter & Timer (LCT)

The Lap Counter & Timer (LCT) combines lap counting & timing functionality. It is perfect for improving swimmers, joggers & cyclists who wish to make use of the statistics generated. A more technical piece of kit that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Displays split times & lap number
  • Recalls fastest, slowest & average lap times
  • Total number of laps completed & total lap time
Price: €42.99
SportCount LapCounter (LC)

Never forget again! The Lap Counter accurately tracks how many lengths / laps you have completed during your training session. It is an ideal training aid for athletes of all ages and abilities.

  • Lap Count up to 9,999
Price: €36.99
SportCount Countdown Timer (CDT)

Brand New! Counts down from whatever time you program. Quiet vibrator tells you when the time is up. Works underwater. Endless uses: exercise, physical therapy, stretching, swimming, sports, time your laundry, baking cookies, or timeout for children. It has a feature where it can measure how many sets you have performed so far.

  • Silent vibration signal
  • Count Down timer
  • Counts Up reps
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
Price: €34.99
Out Of Stock
SportCount Stopwatch (SW)

The Stopwatch model is especially useful to athletes and swimmers who time their own sprint workouts.

  • Stop / start / reset modes
  • Times up to 99:59?59
Price: €39.99
SportCount Bike Timer (was Velo-X - contains C200 + Strap)

NEW! The Velo - X brings all the SportCount features to bike, dirt bike or motorcycle. Velo-X includes a specially designed band which allows it to securely attach to any set of handlebars while cushioning the electronics from bumps and vibration.

  • Great for moto-x races, timed trials and downhill races etc
  • Recall up to 100 individual lap times
  • Recall fastest, slowest, average, and total lap times
  • Display split times and lap numbers
  • Total number of laps completed & total lap time
  • Water resistant
Price: €47.99

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Generic Features

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Water resistant: 50m
  • Accurate to 1/100 sec
  • Secure & comfortable index finger strap.
  • Will not interfere with your technique.
  • Simple 1 handed operation
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Life-long lithium battery